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Welcome to the PhysicsBowl website

This is the list of winners!

Individual results... teachers should be expecting an email with information as to how to access individual student results through the AAPT website. NOT all results will be available... some students did not fill in their forms correctly and were disqualified... so some student results may not be included in the online form.
All requests to reinstate scores from students that did not fill out the form correctly will be denied. Part of the contest is to follow the rules. Unfortunately some excellent scores were disqualified.

***** NOTE: The top 10 overall students and top 5 overall schools are removed from the regional winners lists in the winners announcement. Because of their outstanding performance, the top 10 students and top 5 schools win slightly different prizes. Listed winners in the regions win the listed regional prizes. ****

Congratulations to all students and instructors for their performance this year!
We look forward to your participation again next year!
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