"Space" Collisions

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Ball Speed: 2.50 m/s
Ball Mass: 1.25 kg
Stick Mass: 1.25 kg
Stick Length: 2.00 m
Impact location: 0.00
Fixed point location: 0.00

Fixed point:  NA     m

Ball X position:  0.000     m
Ball Y position:  0.000     m

C.O.M. X position:  0.000     m
C.O.M. Y position:  0.000     m

Stick c.o.m. X position:  0.000     m
Stick c.o.m. Y position:  0.000     m

Ball X velocity:  0.000     m/s
Ball Y velocity:  0.000     m/s
Ball speed:  0.000     m/s

C.O.M. X velocity:  0.000     m/s
C.O.M. Y velocity:  0.000     m/s
C.O.M speed:  0.000     m/s

Stick c.o.m. X velocity:  0.000     m/s
Stick c.o.m. Y velocity:  0.000     m/s
Stick c.o.m. speed:  0.000     m/s

Moment of Inertia (fixed pt or c.o.m.):  0.000     kg m2
Linear Momentum c.o.m. (total):  0.000     kg m/s
Linear Momentum c.o.m. (x comp):  0.000     kg m/s
Linear Momentum c.o.m. (y comp):  0.000     kg m/s
Angular Momentum (fixed pt or c.o.m.):  0.000     kg m2/s
omega :  0.000     rad/s

Time of simulation: 0.000 s