When My Family Arrived In Saginaw
Laurie Rubier

My family mostly came from up north Canada and settled in the Frankfort, Michigan area. They were commercial fishermen on Besty Bay. My great grandfather, his father, and his father before him were in the fishing business for more than one hundred years and three generations. They left Frankfort to settle in the Saginaw area some time in the mid 1920s. I'm not sure why they migrated here.

I still have family up north in Frankfort, but most are here in the Saginaw area now. They gave up fishing to work in the factories; I would believe because the money was much better.

My great great grandparents died in Frankfort and are buried there. Their children died here in Saginaw. Their education was better here. The families always traveled together, and I am guessing it was to keep the families together in the same area. I found many of my relatives have had serious illnesses at about the same time periods, and those were the ones who moved together.

My family today is active in taking care of each other when someone is taken ill; after all, "no one does it better than their own." And fishing is still the number one hobby and pleasure among us.

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