random fractal 2016 MichMATYC Fall Conference
Friday & Saturday, October 14 & 15, 2016
Delta College

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- chadwick -

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Presenter(s): Brian Chadwick
Time: 3:00pm-3:20pm Room: J137
Title: Implementing a Fully Online Summer Bridge Course to Prepare Students for College Algebra
Abstract: For many years the mathematics department at Michigan State University has run an online summer bridge program designed for students who placed at a level of readines lower than College Algebra. Students who were close to being eligible for admittance into College Algebra were approached and invited to take part in this program. With the omission of older software systems, we transitioned this program to WebAssign last year and utilized it as a course management tool and delivery platform. This made available new options such as video-embedding, attaching documents, pulling problem sets from multiple resources, and personalizing a curriculum so that students could maximize their learning experience. Additionally, handling assessments in a fully online environment made this program accessible to all. Come see the results and inquire as to how WebAssign can be an option for meeting similar goals you have in running a fully online course.
Materials: (TBA)
Biographical: Brian has been involved with numerous mathematics summer bridge programs at Michigan State University over the past 4 years in addition to teahing courses. He has a master's degree in curriculum development as well as 10 years high school math teaching experience as so is familiar with both the background students enter college with as well as the expectations for their first college math course. This program was designed to address both of these areas.