random fractal 2016 MichMATYC Fall Conference
Friday & Saturday, October 14 & 15, 2016
Delta College

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Presenter(s): Barbie Hoag
Time: 11:00am-11:20am Room: J138
Title: The Test - Now What?
Abstract: What if there was a chance for a student to redeem a poor test score? Over the past few semesters I have tried some different techniques for encouraging students to continue learning after the assessment. So often once the 'test' is over the students move on or get stuck regardless if they really know the material or not. The students who didn't perform well on the test flounder the rest of the semester. What if there is a chance to redeem a poor test score?!? I can share what I have done and the results that I have had.
Materials: (TBA)
Biographical: Barbie Hoag teaches at Oakland Community College - Auburn Hills campus. She is in her fifth year of teaching full time. She spends most of her time working on the non-STEM math pathway. She currently is working on the Guided Pathways initiative at OCC, the Michigan Task Force for Designing Math Pathways and has served as a facilitator for the Dana Center New Mathways Project. Outside of teaching, Barbie has a husband, three kids and a dog and enjoys gardening and CrossFit.