random fractal 2016 MichMATYC Fall Conference
Friday & Saturday, October 14 & 15, 2016
Delta College

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Presenter(s): Nasser Beidoun, Jennifer LaRose, Nahla Haidar, Deborah Zopf, Michael Zalzali, Sam Bazzi
Time: 10:00am-10:50am Room: J134
Title: Finding the Best Fit Pathway for Developmental Math Students
Abstract: The Best Fit Project combines the benefits of a traditional classroom format with the computer-mediated classroom (redesign). Instead of relying on students to "self-select" the best learning environment for themselves when registering for classes; instructors work with and assess students for three weeks, and then guide students into the classroom format which they believe is the best fit for each student to be successful and retained. Logistics and four semesters of results will be discussed.
Materials: (TBA)
Biographical: Nasser Beidoun, Jennifer LaRose, Nahla Haidar, Deborah Zopf, Michael Zalzali and Sam Bazzi are all full-time math faculty at Henry Ford College in Dearborn, MI. They come with a variety of teaching backgrounds, including teacher education, statistics, developmental mathematics, and upper-level mathematics; and have experience teaching in a variety of formats, including traditional classrooms, online classes, and redesign classes. Although they come from diverse teaching backgrounds, they share a common interest in promoting student success and finding creative ways to address the needs of individual students.