Welcome to Mid-Michigan Remembers ~ Stories about Us, a website sponsored by Delta College.

This website, focusing on our own Mid-Michigan history, is unique in that it spotlights the one-of-a-kind stories only community members can tell. 

Mid-Michigan Remembers—Stories about Us includes numerous essays, narrative stories, photos, illustrations, poems and even a few video clips about the significant people, places, artifacts, and events in our state, from the late 1800s to the present. 

Collectively, students of Prof. Mary Beth Looby’s Delta College English classes, from 1994-2005, have amassed a wealth of information on a broad spectrum of topics. They have read, researched, written about and even explored—through numerous fieldtrips--their community. Please join them in recalling your own favorite memories as you read and view our website.

An Invitation: Members of the Mid-Michigan community are invited to share their own unique stories of favorite people, places and events.

Submission Guidelines and Release Form (PDF - you will need Adobe Reader) or contact Mary Beth Looby (mblooby@delta.edu), Delta College Professor of English, for additional information.





The written and visual works in Mid-Michigan Remembers-Stories about Us were chosen on the basis of their quality, diversity, community interest and appeal. Views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the College. This space is provided as a service by Delta College.