random fractal 2016 MichMATYC Fall Conference
Friday & Saturday, October 14 & 15, 2016
Delta College

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Presenter(s): Victor Piercey, Erin Militzer, and Anil Venkatesh, Roxanne Cullen, Melissa Smith, and Deirdre Fagan (Ferris State University, Languages and Literature)
Time: 10:00am-10:50am Room: J138
Title: The Unexpected Partnership Between Math and English: A Public Reflection
Abstract: Over the last three years, we have created freshmen learning communities centered on linking general education mathematics courses with first-year writing courses. While we expected that the students would benefit, we were surprised to find that we as faculty grew into a learning community. We will share what we have learned from one another so far and what we anticipate the future holds for this project.
Materials: (TBA)
Biographical: Erin Militzer received her Bachelors of Science in Mathematics at Central Michigan University in 2004. She entered graduate school at the University of Kentucky in the fall of 2004. During her tenure at UK, she was granted a fellowship through the NSF as a Algebra Cubed Fellow. Her thesis is in Complex Analysis and her adviser was Dr. James Brennan. In 2010, Erin joined the Mathematics Department at the University of Arizona as a Teaching Postdoctoral Fellow. At Arizona, she became interested in the education of both pre-service and in-service teachers and taught both undergraduate and graduate level courses. In the summer of 2012, she was a faculty mentor for a NSF-REU at Central Michigan University in a project called "Cops and Robbers on Graphs." Today she is involved in many projects including teacher education, collaboration on a statistics book, IBL teaching in Gen Ed courses and both Graph theory and Linear Algebra research.