random fractal 2016 MichMATYC Fall Conference
Friday & Saturday, October 14 & 15, 2016
Delta College

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Presenter(s): Pavel Sikorskii, Jeff Morford
Time: 11:00am-11:50am Room: J135
Title: The Right Math at the Right Time Task Force
Abstract: The Right Math at the Right Time Task Force is a cross-institutional, state-wide group of Michigan educators who are working to improve students' success in gateway mathematics courses by aligning these courses across institutions, supporting program faculty in choosing the right math pathway for their students, and promoting research based solutions for mathematically underprepared students. This work is supported by the Michigan Center for Student Success through a Dana Center grant and draws from successful approaches sponsored by the Dana Center in other states. Please, come find out more about the work of the group and its proposal for improving mathematics higher education in Michigan.
Materials: (TBA)
Presenter(s): Peter Carlson, Anna Cox, Bernard Cunningham, Jeff Morford, Jack Rotman
Time: 2:30pm-2:50pm Room: J132
Panel: Mathematics Pathways
Abstract: This session will address:
  • Pathways designed to accelerate students' progress from developmental mathematics to a college-level course as replacements for the traditional Pre-algebra/Beginning Algebra/Intermediate Algebra route.
  • Courses that reflect the mathematics pathways described in the Michigan Transfer Agreement.
  • Pathways leading to alternatives to College Algebra that are aligned to targeted programs of study.
Panelists: Peter Carlson, Anna Cox, Bernard Cunningham, Jeff Morford, Jack Rotman
Organizer: Frances Lichtman
Math Literacy Without a Math Prerequisite
Mathematical Literacy For College Students
New Math Pathways
Biographical: Jeff Morford teaches math at Henry Ford College. He has provided leadership in the developmental area, led the Learning Lab at times during his tenure there. He is currently interested in making sure students get the right math to succeed in their programs in the shortest time possible.